OUCH: Sometimes a painful experience is just the gift you need

I believe support and love can come to us in many forms. Sometimes it's a person we know, a stranger on the street, a workshop, a sign by the side of the road, a rainbow, an animal, a detour or even pain. 

We can choose to see all of the above as just luck or coincidence, we disregard them entirely, or we can decide to see them as gifts, as messengers offering loving reminders of who we are, what we can heal and how we can grow. 

A few weeks ago I had an experience in nature that was just too aligned and filled with meaning to ignore...

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Own your power, remain present and feel at ease: The Value of Meditation & a FREE Gift

Every single morning I meditate, move my body and write. These three practices prepare me for the day, for health and for success. Without them the world starts to pass me by. With them, I own my power, I remain present and I feel at ease. 

A huge part of my vision is to share tools with people just like you all over the world. Simple and effective tools. Fun tools. That make you feel nourished, loved, supported and capable. 

Meditation is one of my tools and I made a FREE Meditation that nourishes you from the inside out, reconnecting you to your intuition and to your source of energy, creativity and power. All in just 8 minutes...

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Phone Feng Shui: How a phone mishap turned into complete bliss

Technology can drain our time and energy if we let it. And these days our phones are our lives. Everything is on them - calendars, business, emails, contacts, games, music, movies. You name it, it’s probably on your phone!

The other day I was having issues with my iPhone and I finally decided to do a complete reboot - wipe everything from it and start completely fresh.

Although it was frustrating to have to surrender and reboot, it was actually the most brilliant thing on the planet...

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The Blessing of Going the Wrong Direction

Sometimes it’s easy to go with the flow and trust that when our plans get set aside or pushed back or changed, that it’s all for the best. But sometimes it just feels wrong.

Take heart, my friend, you’re not alone!

And I’m here to tell you that there is light around the corner, and most likely magic.

Keep going.

What may feel wrong to you may be the universe conspiring on your behalf. If you lean into it you are going to be delighted, surprised and blown away by what’s around the corner...

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A Reminder For Mom & The Mom In Us All

Today I wanted to share the story of an amazing mom who had been supporting her two sons, one in particular because of his needs, and when she came for a session, she received something unexpected that made all the difference. 

This mother came to me because she was concerned about her older son. He was 9 years old and struggling in school. His challenges included focus and attention, acting out, and sleep trouble. She was looking for additional ways to support him because although he was improving, she felt overwhelmed and anxious about managing his behavior issues...

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Want to expand? Don't forget this crucial step

More often than not, in order to expand, you must first contract. (Click to Tweet.)

This happens in healing, in business, and in love.

Removing my IUD was an opportunity to expand my life -- with it gone, I could potentially have more energy and vitality, feel healthier, have less intense periods, and overall enjoy more time doing the things I love versus constantly being pulled out of my daily life to care for my body.

The process of removal, though, and so far every period since, has been a reminder that I still need to contract. I still need to slow down, to heal, to detox, to love and forgive myself.

And the more I allow myself to contract completely, the more all of those necessary and vital steps to the expansion I desire, happen with ease.


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What is your body saying? Listening with love & how to heal

Just a heads up, I’m going to be talking about birth control, IUDs and periods in this blog - and you should keep reading.

For the past 5 years I have had the copper IUD or Paraguard. After weighing my options it seemed like the best choice for me as I went fairly crazy when I attempted the pill previously.

For about 6 months everything was fine and then...

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When in doubt, love yourself more: Contemplations on rebranding

When in doubt, love yourself more. (Click to Tweet.)

Many of you have been with me from the beginning of my business and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for witnessing my development, for supporting my visions, and hopefully for wholeheartedly receiving my gifts along the way.

In my last blog post I mentioned the need to pause. Well, my pause has brought many revelations with self-love being the most pressing and consistent theme...

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New Year Overwhelm? Do This Before You Do Anything Else

It’s 2016 and with every new year there seems to be a growing barrage of deals, discounts, events and challenges.

My email inbox is overflowing and I am overwhelmed at the amount of things to do, to attain or to get. And yes, I want to tackle, achieve and receive just as much as the next person.

But the buzz throws me into a tizzy. I want to shout at the internet: LEAVE ME ALONE!

All I want is to press pause.

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Are You Shining Or Hiding? A Few Reminders As You Shop

Imagine this:

A young girl is visiting family. It’s her birthday so they take her to a mall and say, “You can pick out anything you want.”

The girl points to a store with ball gowns and fancy dresses. All she wants is to wear one of those fancy dresses - a princess dress.

The adult says, “Oh, not those. If you want a dress we’ll buy you some sun dresses, but not one of those dresses.”

The sun dresses were fine, they were lovely. And quite practical. 

But they weren’t the one thing the little girl wanted, and she thought maybe she couldn’t have it because she didn’t deserve it. Maybe it was too nice for her or maybe she just couldn’t be a fancy princess...

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Gratitude In Joy & In Sorrow

I read a wonderful book recently - Five Years In Heaven by John Schlimm - in which John tells the very real story of a friendship he made with Sister Augustine, an 87 year old ceramic artist and nun. He shares their many enlightening conversations with humor and grace.

At one point in the story Sister Augustine tells John how she expresses gratitude for the sorrows in her life. For instance, when one of her ceramic creations breaks, she says thank you to each broken piece as she throws them away...

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Is Your Body Retaliating? A Simple Way To Stay Healthy

When we don’t slow down and listen to our bodies, they tend to retaliate.

I have always been a fast eater. I could - and would - literally inhale my food. Or I would eat while doing something else and suddenly feel past full.

Last week my stomach fought back.

In addition to eating quickly and not listening to messages of full, uncomfortable, or unhappy, I also hadn’t been drinking enough water - one of nature’s best remedies!

The combination led to me sick in bed for days...

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A Tool To Transform Emotions & Help Us Feel Safe: The Power Of Play

I always bring scarves with me when I visit my two year old nephew - yes, I’m a pretty fun aunt! - and we were doing our usual play, laying them out, dancing, spinning on them, when all of a sudden his voice got really serious and low, “I’m going to put my scarf in front of you,” he said with a hint of a threat.

I was curious and said, “Oh yeah?”

He replied real serious, “Yeah, and you’re gonna slip on it!”

Let’s pretend that all time stopped, because for an instant it felt like it did.

I had a choice as the adult in this scenario. I could have said, “Now, now, we don’t threaten people with any type of bodily harm.” Or something along those lines: We don’t talk to people like that, that’s a little mean to want our friends to slip on things.

But instead, this is what I did...

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