Meditation: An Easy Way In



We all know that meditation is good for us, but sometimes it's easier said than done to sit quietly for an extended period of time - or even at all! 

I have discovered that moving, writing, drawing and other activities allow me to meditate much easier than just sitting quietly by myself. 

Some may see this as the easy way out, but I see it as an easy way in!! 

By starting my meditation with an activity I can efficiently and effectively bring my mind and body to stillness, which then radiates through the rest of my practice and the rest of my day. 

Today's activity allows you to do just that! 

For this activity you will need

  • Paper.
  • Your choice of pen, pencil, crayons, markers, etc. 
  • A comfortable place to sit.

Drawing Meditation*

  1. Close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and imagine stillness. What does stillness feel like to you?
  2. Breathe deeply for a few seconds cultivating this idea of stillness within you.
  3. Open your eyes and begin to draw. 
  4. Allow the idea of stillness to appear in shape and color before you. The goal here is not to create a specific piece of art that you will frame, but to allow yourself to create an impression of stillness. Continue to breathe as you draw and stop when you feel complete.

*If drawing feels strange or stressful to you, then check out this post about Meditative Scribbling. 

Your turn

How did it feel? What did you notice? Let me know in the comments below! 

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Much love,