5 Ways Outdoor Art Soothes the Mind, Body and Soul and How To Make Your Own



Outdoor Art is a lovely way to spend time with your friends, family, or by yourself. It honors the earth, the greater community and your entire mind/body system within minutes! 

1. Calms both mind and body

Being outdoors and creating something with your hands soothe the mind and calm the body (check out this great article by Athleta).

2. Promotes a healthy immune system

Working in the dirt has been shown to support healthy immune development in kids (more about this in the New York Times).

3. Boosts creativity and play

The act of using one type of material and transforming it into something else is the basis of all creativity. It teaches both children and adults to use their imagination and utilize what they have available to them.

4. Promotes living green

When you create Outdoor Art you honor and nurture your connection with the earth. It's a perfect opportunity to engage your kids around the meaning of living green.

5. Supports the community

Leaving beautiful Outdoor Art creations in public spaces invites your entire community to think and feel differently about their environment.



Now you know just a few of the benefits, but if you are brand new to outdoor art, here are the simple steps with a couple tips:



Find a space outdoors

This can be in your backyard, in a park, along the sidewalk, or even on your front porch.  

Gather natural materials that catch your attention

My personal rule with this is that it has to already be dead, I do not pull leaves off of trees, I take those that have already fallen. This is just a way to continue to honor nature and if you are working with children can be a wonderful discussion starter of how to take care of our planet. Possible materials can include leaves, rocks, twigs, branches, etc.

Choose or clear a space for your creation

If you are doing this along a sidewalk or on a beach, for instance, there can be litter. This is another beautiful opportunity to honor nature by removing the trash that is in your vicinity. Some work spaces you may not immediately think of are on top of large rocks or along the edge of a railing.  


You can create actual objects or just decorate the space with the natural materials.  

Leave it for others to enjoy

If you are creating in a public area or even in your own backyard, leaving the creation for others to enjoy is a magical part of the process. 

I would absolutely love to hear about your process and perhaps even see what you create! Send me a private message or leave a comment below. If you post your picture on Instagram tag me @kelseyfoxbennett #innerartcreations!

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