Feeling Resistant to Change? One simple movement to help you Transform



Spring is a time of transformation. All that has been dormant, all that has been let go, it all transforms into the new.

Today's activity aids in your body's ability to healthfully and abundantly transform along with the world around you. If you are feeling a little stuck, a little overwhelmed, or if you have a little inner space that is resistant to change in your life, then this is a simple way to support your body's ability to transform.

As we welcome changes into our lives it is similar to welcoming delicious and nourishing fruit. This activity allows you to step into your imaginary garden and instead of seeing your typical oranges and apples, start to envision opportunities and gifts. Perhaps you see that job interview or that trip or that dream house you've been working towards.

Whatever it may be for you, this activity is going integrate both body and brain as you welcome positive change.

Additionally, this simple movement activates the liver meridian. Our liver is vital to our health and wellness. The liver is extra neat because it both cleanses and creates. Its functions include detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of biochemicals necessary for digestion. Talk about transformation! 

Transformation How-To:

  1. Sit comfortably with legs in front, knees bent slightly to the side. Breathe normally.
  2. Watch hands as they reach up alternately, each hand activating an upward rolling motion in the opposite hip. Envision the opportunities and gifts you want to welcome in your life above your head as you reach each hand up and then take it into your heart. 

I am beyond curious to know what you are welcoming into your life! Let me support you by sharing in the comments below. 

In love and gratitude,


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~Activity via Edu-Kinesthetics In-Depth: The Seven Dimensions of Intelligence by Paul and Gail Dennison.~