Breathe in Gratitude: Begin the Holiday Season with Health and Wellness

What better way to start November than to give yourself a bit of extra love through gratitude!

We often run around so much in our daily lives that we forget to take the time to stop and truly check in. In fact, we often run on overdrive until we find ourselves physically sick, especially during the holidays. Even then we still refuse to stop completely! We tell ourselves, "I have to go to work," or "I have to get this one thing done right now," when in reality, if we allowed ourselves time to rest we would heal much faster. 

One basic way to allow the body to heal is to merely focus on our breath. This simple act allows us to breathe deeper and slower, which immediately increases our oxygen intake and reduces stress in the body. 

Today we're going to take this one step further and allow breath accompanied by gratitude to fill both our minds and our bodies. When we thank each part of our body - our heart for functioning, our lungs for allowing us to breathe, our spine for holding us upright, our cells for working on our behalf - the body responds by releasing all tension and filling with a sense of joy and contentment. When the body is in this state it can heal itself quickly and easily. 

Enjoy the full gratitude meditation:

What does gratitude look and feel like in your body? Share your experience and any questions in the comments below! 


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