Relax and Listen: A Simple Technique To Help Difficult Interactions

Today's exercise helps with listening, taking in new information, and feeling grounded as you process that information. It is especially useful when entering a situation in which you typically feel defensive or shut off from what another person is sharing. This could be in a personal relationship, at work or at school.  

The Thinking Cap is one of the 26 basic Brain Gym exercises. It releases neck tension and activates the auditory system. In addition, our ears contain pressure points for the entire body, including all the internal organs. By gently massaging and unrolling both ears you are reminding your brain and body of their connection.  It can be challenging to truly listen and take in new information if we are disconnected or distracted listening to our own inner thoughts or being overwhelmed by external input. This simple activity supports focus, memory, spacial awareness and electromagnetic energy flow in the body. 

Step-by-step How-to with Short Video

Before you begin, gently turn your head from side to side and notice how relaxed your neck muscles are.  Are you having an easy time hearing the sounds around you?  

Place thumbs behind and fingers in front of each ear. Beginning at the top, gently unroll/massage the ear from top to bottom. Return to top and repeat. (I recommend repeating 3-5 times.)

Notice the difference in your ears and perhaps also a slight difference in neck tension. 

Return to your present situation with a fresh pair of ears!

Share Your Experience

Experiment with it throughout the day and let me know how it feels in your body. What did you notice before, during and after? What other techniques do you know that help your system ground during a difficult interaction? I would love to hear your thoughts and experience in the comments below.