How being authentic & true to you leads to all you desire

A few weeks ago I saw this quote on Instagram that resonated deeply. (Turns out the reason it resonated so deeply was because I wrote it!! It was from my magazine article, Exquisite and Extraordinary Self-Care - if you haven’t read it yet, click here.)

It said, “You are exactly where you are meant to be; your story is absolutely stunning -- you’re just in the middle of it.” That alone was lovely to be reminded, but the next part landed deep in my heart:

“Being exactly where you are now is the only way to grow and reach your desired destination.” (Click to Tweet.)

I laughed to myself because it reflected what had been happening to me in the past few days. Without force or even trying I had reached a desired destination of joy and abundance, but it certainly didn’t start that way...

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Feeling sensitive and overwhelmed? Come back to calm with these healing tools

A few days ago I was feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. I’d been giving too much of myself and not replenishing.

Sound familiar?

I know a lot of us have this feeling and when we do, the smallest thing can cause great upset. Sounds, smells and people all become unbearable. And you know it’s irrational, but you can’t help it because you’re exhausted and vulnerable - much like the kids we love who are throwing tantrums.

As a parent this is multiplied, and of course when your energy is off everything around you goes wrong. You get bumped by people on the street, technology is glitchy, any commute is worse and anyone you love - your spouse, parents and without a doubt your kids - go awol...

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Return to Play: Release tension, improve comprehension and serve the world through joy

A huge part of my job is to play - to stay open, discover creative solutions, return to ease, connect to joy and love - and help my clients do the same.

I believe that when we play, we become one with the divine. (Click to Tweet.)

Everything flows easily and love is abundant.

Children are usually more tapped into this state than adults.

They constantly invite us to remember magic and rediscover the ease, abundance, joy and possibility that already exists within us.

I believe it is our duty to encourage play both in children and in ourselves, but I also know from experience that when your body is tight and the to-do list is long, it’s easy to fall out of a state of play...

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Is it time to jump ship or change course? How to honor and boost your energy

I’ve noticed that when something isn’t working in my life I am immediately ready to cut the cord and move on.

In one way, this is great because I’m aware of what serves me and what doesn’t and I’m constantly working to improve the quality of my life and raise my overall energy and positivity level.

Yet more often than not, throwing away the whole kit and kaboodle isn’t really of service.

Often, all that’s needed is a slight shift in perspective to help pinpoint the issue and resolve it.

I live in NYC and I am a highly sensitive person so I am always looking for ways to support my health and well being...

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The Path To love

January 21st I marched in NYC with my boyfriend standing up for women’s rights, equality for all and unconditional love.

Ten days later my grandma Leona died - a powerhouse of a woman who left us all out of breath the last time we visited as she sped around their community home - at 90 years old - talking about all the ways she was involved.

Ten days after that I visited my granddaddy and was touched by the power of love, of simple connection, of a smile or an outstretched hand.

Everything we desire in this world - love, abundance, support, healing, success - is on the other side of fear and resistance...

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Decode your body's messages: Let it tell you how to heal

Our bodies hold a wealth of information.

When we listen and respond to our bodies' messages, then healing can come swift and easy.

But sometimes, a part of our body aches and yells and raises havoc and we attempt everything to make it feel better, but it still doesn’t respond.

That’s when this activity can help.

With the start of 2017, the muscles of my throat have been oddly tight and uncomfortable. I attempted stretching, I attempted showing up in the world and using my voice in a bigger way, I attempted acupuncture and essential oils. All were helping a little, but it was still so tight and uncomfortable...

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Want a relaxed & healthy holiday? Let go of the past, support your digestion & return to flow with this simple healing tool

Is it just me or does there seem to be a conspiracy against a relaxed and healthy holiday season?

First, there are all these expectations about gift giving and sharing love.

If you manage to prepare early and be conscious about what you share then comes the travel.

You either join a sea of other humans in a small confined space for hours, sleep on a bed that isn’t yours and are in a totally new climate or altitude. Or you host people that aren’t usually in your home, clean for days and prep to make sure they have everything they need.

If you’re able to travel with joy and ease or are totally relaxed about hosting, next is the food...

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Speak your truth this holiday season: A tool to release tension and anger

Excitement rises during the holiday season. Love, joy, delight, they all make star-studded appearances, but with all the energy, tension and stress sometimes tag along for the ride.

There’s this other thing, maybe you know what I’m talking about, that happens over the holidays, it’s when a part of you feels like you “should” do something even if you don’t want to.

Whether it’s attending certain gatherings or eating certain foods, saying, “No, thank you,” is hard enough in our day-to-day lives and during the holidays it seems to be twenty times more challenging...

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Reduce stress, stay grounded & communicate clearly: A healing tool for the whole family

Holiday season tends to be a whirlwind of energy and emotions. I know that I have to continuously remind myself to slow down, breathe and actually enjoy it all rather than run around like a crazy person until I crash.

Kids, too, can get a little (or a lot) stir crazy as the days get shorter and the holiday buzz hums around them.

This holiday season in particular may be especially challenging to navigate post election as we're all worn out and beat up.

With so much to process it can sometimes feel easier to detach mentally, emotionally and physically. Forget our bodies, ignore them and numb them. 

Be gentle with yourself...

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Release negativity and protect your energy with these healing tools

Ever have one of those days where you get bulldozed with negative energy?

Like you were just going about your business as per usual and then whack! And by the time you get home you feel like you've been hit by a bus. 

Maybe you've felt it in the past few months with the election. Many people I've interacted with have felt the stress of such negativity and fear hanging over our country.

Whether you're a highly sensitive person, empath or not, we all soak up energy that isn't ours to carry...

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Feeling Fear? Clear it out right now with these simple healing tools

Around Halloween we can’t help but brush shoulders with fear.

Mostly we get to play, push our fear buttons in a safe and controlled way, maybe even embody something that used to cause us fear but now makes us feel powerful.

I personally have been chatting with spiders (which I used to be absolutely terrified of) and letting myself tolerate a little extra fear walking down my street looking at all the creepy and scary decor (which a few details really do bring up old fears)!

During Halloween we’re a bit more conscious of our fears, but on a day-to-day basis fear is pervasive and mostly unconscious.

We find ourselves angry, irritated, upset, in a funk and...

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Navel Radiation: A Healing Tool For Trauma

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. My heart goes out to those who have lost their babies, no matter at what stage or age. I honor you and send so much love to you. 

In addition to working with women and children who have experienced birth or early childhood trauma, I have also had the opportunity to serve women recovering from miscarriage. 

Today's technique is a powerful tool to help in that recovery process. 

It is exquisite for helping all of us feel safe in and connected to our own body...

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