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Designed to help the highly sensitives of the world grow their worth, discover freedom in forgiveness, create fierce and loving boundaries, maintain a daily self-love practice and have on-the-go tools to realign.

Are you very connected to what other people are feeling? Do your emotions overwhelm your senses at times? Do you find it draining or difficult to be in large groups of people? If so, you might be a highly sensitive person.

Highly sensitive people are often healers, caregivers, and intuitive, creative souls who desire to be of great service and to shine bright, but struggle to execute those desires because their energy becomes depleted, holding them back from their potential greatness. I know this intimately from my own experience!

This course will help highly sensitive people tap into their strengths and provide them with tools to claim their most abundant life.

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It is my desire to serve the highly sensitive and intuitive caregivers of the world.

You deserve to refill.

You deserve to feel nourished, supported and seen.

And you deserve to have tools to help you thrive and live your best life without anything holding you back!


This course offers practical tips, tools and ongoing support - all to help you rewire old patterns and traumas and transform any struggle into greater ease and abundance.

The tools that will help us become our best selves include: Prayer, Meditation, Brain Gym Techniques, Healing Movements, Creative Expression, Essential Oils and More.

The complete online course includes:

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These 75-minute live video calls will be held once per month and will dive into specific topics, providing information and practical tools to help you rewire daily life for greater ease and abundance. 

1) Grow Your Worth: Everything starts with self acceptance and self worth. If we want to give abundantly, it starts with knowing we have something of value to give. If we want to be of service, we must first serve ourselves. This call lays the foundation of the course and helps us own our gifts, accept who we are and honor the challenges of being highly sensitive in order to then claim our most abundant life.

2) Discover Freedom in Forgiveness: Forgiveness gives us psychic and energetic freedom and this call provides tools for exactly that. Having tools means you have a choice. When feelings of hate, frustration, fear or sadness arise, you can face them, feel them fully and then choose love, forgiveness, compassion and healing.

3) Create Fierce and Loving Boundaries: How we treat ourselves is how the world will treat us. We forget that we have the power to arrange life around our unique needs and desires. We are the creators of our lives. Sometimes that means doing less, energetically preparing, creating non-negotiable you time or simply knowing when to say NO or YES. This call will help you tune in and, in turn, speak up. 

4) Maintain a Daily Self-Love Practice: Just imagine what would be possible if you showed up for yourself every single day. There are so many things we do to ‘numb’ ourselves so that we don’t feel so much, but they don’t change or transform how we feel and instead merely keep us stuck. More ideally we have practices that we are doing every single day that cleanse, renew and refill us! This call helps you achieve this in a way that is easy and approachable.

5) Learn Simple Tools for On-the-Go: This call offers an overview of the tools we've gained in the course, an opportunity to integrate as well as additional tools to help with emotional overwhelm, fear and feeling triggered. Because we know that anything can happen in a day, these tools help your everyday be smoother, more abundant and enjoyable.

You will receive recordings of all the Coaching Calls to view later if you are unable join live. 

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I am honored to welcome 4 friends and colleagues to build on what is shared during the live coaching calls.

Each of these women has a unique brilliance and it is an honor to receive their wisdom. 

1) Jessica Myhr, Image Consultant, Coach & Stylist: Founder of Inherent Style, a fashion styling and image consulting company, Jessica focuses not just on what looks incredible, but on each person’s unique desire to shine in their own authenticity and truth. With her support I've been able to shine in ways I didn't imagine possible and show up more as ME in my wardrobe and my life than ever before. 

2) Suki Eleuterio, Angelic Healer: Suki is one of those magnetic and bright souls and when you find out about what she does it makes total sense. She is an angel healer, author, spiritual coach and all-around magical person. Her session will focus on Forgiveness with the Angels. Whew. Something that has literally transformed my ability to follow and achieve my dreams. 

3) Shayna Mahoney, Holistic Life Coach: I met Shayna through WELL Summit. We sat side by side on a bus with no air conditioning and I'm so grateful! As a holistic life coach who specializes in empowering women struggling with anxiety, Shayna most definitely walks her talk. She has personally experienced anxiety and depression and learned natural ways to gracefully navigate these feelings and continue to thrive.

4) Marie Levey-Pabst, Life-Balance Consultant: I met Marie via The Perpetual You magazine and have since been honored to collaborate with her and see her incredible skills in action. As the Founder of Create Balance Method, Marie shows parents - and anyone else who needs it - how to navigate the “work-life balance” in authentic and practical ways, all so we can be our best at home and in the world.

Just as with the Coaching Calls, you will receive recordings of all the Expert Sessions to view later on your own time if you are unable to join live. 

Read more about these incredible women further down this page. 

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This hour-long session is held over the phone, offers personalized techniques specific to your experience and is designed to clear any blocks keeping you from your most abundant life. 

In brief, I offer mindfulness and self-care coaching paired with Brain Gym’s approach of rewiring brain and body to discover ease where you might be currently struggling or feeling stuck.

We chat about what you are experiencing in your life and then set a goal. From there we notice what is coming up - emotions, physical sensations, negative thoughts - and then use various techniques to restore connections in your mind and body so that when we come back to the goal, you feel different. Your goal isn't just possible, it's more embodied and real. 

At the end of the call you receive tools to continue your success in daily life.

This will be scheduled once the course begins in October around your schedule and desires. 

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In addition to all the in-person love, you will also receive emails in between calls with reminders and tools to further support your success. 

These will not be overwhelming! Just a little bit of extra love and nourishment. 

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As a delicious bonus, you will receive 3 free meditations. They are about 15 minutes each and will help you:

  • Clear and protect your energy.
  • Feel grounded, supported and held.
  • Tap into your internal rhythm and divine flow. 
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Purchase the Full Course and you will receive all of the above PLUS 8% of your purchase will be donated to the nonprofit or relief organization of your choice! Just enter the link in the Additional Comments as you check out and I'll send you a personal email confirmation. (More details about this Giving Back component can be found below.) 

To recap, this delicious option includes:

  • 5 Live Coaching Calls with me, Kelsey, as your host and guide. Once per month beginning October 10th, 2017.
  • 4 Expert Sessions with Jessica, Suki, Shayna and Marie to further your abundance, wisdom and support in between coaching calls.
  • 1 Private Session with just you and me, to clear any blocks or resistance to living your most abundant life.
  • Regular Encouragement Emails for extra love.
  • AND A Bonus 3 Meditation Bundle for support whenever and wherever you need it! 

Are you ready to shine bright and be of service in a way that also serves you? Press Purchase and I'll meet you on the other side. xoxo

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More about the Experts:

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Jessica Myhr is the founder and head of Inherent Style. With over 10 years experience as an image consultant in the NYC area and her unique background in acting, branding, and fashion, Jessica empowers her clients to feel and look their best. Her approach is unlike many other stylists in that she focuses not just on what looks incredible, but on each person’s unique desire to shine in their own authenticity and truth. In essence, she helps you discover a new, more confident you - from the inside out. More at www.inherentstyle.com


Shayna Mahoney is a holistic life coach who is passionate about giving women hope to embrace their anxiety and find peace and power within. She specializes in showing women how to find who they are meant to be, rather than constantly feeling lost and lonely. Shayna has personally gone through anxiety and depression and learned natural ways to assist with her feelings. She combines her background of nutrition, psychology, human development, coaching, humor and personal experience to transform how the mind and body are fully connected. More at www.shaynamahoney.com.


Suki Eleuterio is an angel healer, author, and  spiritual coach. She leads workshops and live-video tutorials encouraging others to tune into the souls and live a purposeful life. Her book, She Loved Herself, is a collaboration between herself and 13 other women and focuses on real stories of self care and transformation. Suki is the creator of The Found My Light community, the Lightworkers Rise Up movement and the Earth Angel Sisterhood. More at www.sookton.com.

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Marie Levey-Pabst shows parents how to use systems to create balance between the personal, professional, and parenting sides of life, all so they can be their best at home and in the world. Marie developed the Create Balance Method as a working mom, and she uses this method help herself, and other parents, navigate the “work-life balance” in authentic and practical ways. She teaches workshops and leads discussion groups with parents who want to maximize their time and energy on the things that matter most. More at www.createbalancedlife.com.

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More about Kelsey:

Kelsey Fox Bennett is a Healer, Educator and Self-Love and Mindfulness Coach. She creates a safe space for people to heal, reconnect to love and transform old outdated patterns to daily ease.

From birth trauma to spinal meningitis at five months old, healing from sexual abuse at age five, witnessing death at age nine and navigating NYC as a highly sensitive person, Kinesiology, Essential Oils, Connection to Spirit and the Expressive Arts have been integral to Kelsey's health and success.

Her unique skill set accelerates healing and provides concrete tools to reduce stress and reconnect both brain and body. Kelsey has taught and worked across the globe and its her honor to share this course with you. Sign up now:

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Praise for Kelsey:


Kelsey’s classes & workshops are wonderful & transforming because of one main ingredient: Kelsey. Her passion, dedication & care for her students make her unlike any other teacher I know. She brings great sensitivity to each moment & encourages us to do the same.

Renee Browne, Music Teacher, Musician & Performer, Patterson, NY


Kelsey approaches her work with her full presence & compassionate sensitivity as a healer. Her gentle playfulness guides you through a discovery & awareness of your body’s subtle messages. You take away simple practices & intentions to support growing into your best self.

Rebecca Ann S. Kirk, M.Ed., Educator, Community Artist & Researcher, Boston, MA

Click here to read more praise for Kelsey.

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My heart has been touched during the launch of this course.

The planet is suffering. During the last month there has been devastating hurricanes, earthquakes, fires and so much more.

I have felt called to have this course be of greater service in some way so 8% of your purchase will be donated to a nonprofit, service or relief organization of your choice.

Just enter the donation link in the Additional Comments section at checkout and I will send you the confirmation. 

If you do not know who to donate to, fret not, for anyone who does not enter an organization, I will choose one for you. Either way, 8% of your purchase will go back to the planet.

We are all connected. Our personal healing supports the healing of others and when we heal the planet, offer love and support, then we heal personally as well. Thank you for being part of the healing. When you claim your abundance, we all win.

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Dear Sensitive Soul,

It's time.

It's time to claim your worth, gain freedom in forgiveness, have fierce and loving boundaries, create an exquisite self-love practice, receive tools for on-the-go, shine bright, be of great service AND live your most abundant life.

Click purchase and I'll see you on the other side. xoxo

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