I’ve developed an integrated approach to healing that actually works. All of the tools I share have been part of my own transformation (read my story here) and my goal is to empower you with their incredible healing abilities. 

I offer:

  • Simple, effective and tangible tools for trauma recovery, stress reduction and brain/body integration.
  • Essential oils and other all natural and eco-friendly remedies.
  • A holistic approach to healing and thriving.

So that you can:

  • Own your power and thrive in your daily life.
  • Break unhealthy patterns not just in your kids' lives, but in your own life. 
  • Have all natural solutions to keep you and your family healthy and happy. 
  • Reconnect to yourself, your kids, your partner, God, Earth, Source.
  • Express and manage emotions and teach your kids to do the same.
  • Feel whole and at peace.

Brain Gym® and Movement Based Learning

Brain Gym and Movement Based Learning (MBL) are forms of Educational Kinesiology that use safe and simple movements to reduce stress in the body and improve connections in the brain.

They simply and effectively help you discover ease where you once met resistance and success where you once felt stuck. 

Brain Gym is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation in Ventura, CA. It refers specifically to a program for learning through movement developed by educator and reading specialist, Paul Dennison, and his wife and colleague, Gail Dennison. Physical therapy, yoga, acupressure, the Chinese meridian system, and the arts are all woven into this unique practice.

MBL is recognized as Brain Gym for Special Needs created by movement educator, Cecelia Koester. These activities serve as a precursor and partner to Brain Gym, reorganizing the body and brain around a safe and integrated foundation before any higher learning can take place.

Rhythmic Movement Training

Rhythmic Movement Training was developed by Kerstin Linde as a motor training program based on the spontaneous rhythmic movements that infants do naturally. Similar to Brain Gym and MBL, these movements stimulate and link up different parts of the brain. They improve coordination and muscle tone; integration of primitive reflexes, speech and vision; and support difficulties with attention, hyperactivity, reading and writing. 

Expressive Arts (also known as play)

I cultivate play in all my sessions and encourage my clients to explore and express themselves creatively.

Why? Because for kids, this is their language of life. This is how they learn, grow and develop. Adults can also benefit from returning to this spirit of play. 

When you awaken your creativity, you connect to an innate and powerful part of yourself. Your ability to experience love and joy increase; you feel nourished inside and out; and insurmountable challenges become manageable and fun.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are incredible healing tools and I integrate them into my private sessions, workshops and overall family health and wellness education. I grew up with Young Living's therapeutic grade, organic, high-quality oils and am now a Young Living Essential Oil Independent Distributor. 

From physical ailments - headaches, sore muscles, upset stomach, arthritis and allergies - to mental and emotional challenges - focus, stress, depression and low energy - essential oils are powerful healing tools safe and effective for the whole family.

Meditation & Prayer

All of my work encourages self-awareness and restores the realignment of mind, body and spirit. Meditation and prayer aide in that alignment just as much as movement, creativity and nature. In fact, the more mind and body align, the easier it becomes to connect to spirit. 

These practices are not religious, but merely encourage you to connect to yourself, to others, to unconditional love and unlimited possibility. 

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